M series Blood Glucose Implantable Telemetry

M series glucose telemetry implants offer preclinical diabetes and metabolic disease scientists a novel solution to obtain continuous, real-time, blood glucose, temperature, activity, and optionally blood pressure measurements in large laboratory animals.

Two M series implants are available

  • M0G - ability to measure glucose, temperature, and activity
  • M1G - ability to measure pressure, glucose, temperature, and activity

Researchers can now collect data while reducing animal stress and measurement variability commonly associated with glucose test strip measurements. Adoption of continuous glucose telemetry in preclinical research studies will ultimately lead to the development of better drugs, better devices, and better therapies for humans while also minimizing stress artifact, reducing blood draws, and lowering sample size requirements.

Product Specifications

  • Intended species: large animals such as nonhuman primates, swine, and canines
  • Measures blood glucose, body temperature, activity, and optionally blood pressure
  • Glucose and pressure sensors must be placed in free-flowing blood
  • Glucose range of 50-750 mg/dL (2.8-42 mmol/l)
  • Pressure range of -20 to 300 mmHg
  • Ambient pressure range of 670 to 800 mmHg
  • Glucose requires in vivo calibration
    • One multipoint calibration required
    • Twice weekly single point calibration references recommended
  • Device weight:  13.7 grams
  • Device volume: 11 cc
  • Warranted Battery: 95 days for M0G, 48 days for M1G

On-demand Webinar

An essential webinar for researchers interested in collecting a complete glucose profile via implantable telemetry to minimize animal stress and improve animal welfare. Watch it Now


M0G - Glucose, Temperature, and Activity for Large Animals

M1G - Pressure, Glucose, Temperature, and Activity for Large Animals