Glucose Implant FAQs

  • How accurate is the HD-XG implant?

  • How do I get the most accurate calibration?

  • Why do I need to calibrate the HD-XG glucose implant in vivo?

  • What are my options for collecting calibration reference samples?

  • Why is the HD-XG only warranted for 28 days of monitoring? Can I extend this duration by turning the implant off with a magnet?

  • How fast does the sensor respond to glucose changes?

  • Why do you have specific mouse and rat versions of the HD-XG?

  • Are there surgical options for sensor placement besides those you recommend?

  • When using the HD-XG, how do I decide whether to place the transmitter body subcutaneously or intraperitoneally?

  • Does the HD-XG work with my current telemetry system software and hardware?

  • What about use in other animal models such as pigs and non-human primates?

  • Does DSI plan to develop a blood glucose sensor for human use?

  • In what research areas will continuous glucose provide value?


i “Assessment of Nova Biomedical StatStrip® Glucose Meters and Test Strips in Rodent Glucose Studies.” Richard G. Peterson, Robert Brockway. Poster 1127.11, Experimental Biology Meeting, San Diego, CA, April 2012.