The Value of Continuous Glucose Telemetry

Animal welfare, scientific, and financial benefits can be realized in research applications through the in vivo collection of Continuous Glucose Telemetry data.  This is achieved by providing glucose, temperature, and activity measurements every second for a period of at least four and often six to eight weeks while only requiring one to three blood samples per week. 

Improved Animal Welfare

Continuous Glucose Telemetry allows you to refine1 animal welfare by reducing exposure to stress and pain through

  • Fewer blood draws
  • Reduced handling
  • Minimized human presence

Animal reduction1 often occurs as a result of either or both

  • Higher quality data and advanced study options providing the same statistical power with lower sample sizes
  • Reduced blood sampling allowing increased frequency of assays and more efficient use of animals

Higher Quality Data

“It is generally acknowledged that the quality of physiological measurements collected from conscious unstressed animals is superior, since they are collected under conditions that best represent the normal state of the animal, are least influenced by chemical, stress, and psychological factors and (where appropriate) are most predictive of the results that would be achieved in human beings.” 2  The fact that this higher quality data is collected continuously further enhances the quality of the data due to the volume of measurements and ability to minimize effects of noise.

Advanced Study Options

Stress-free, continuous glucose data enables you to perform studies and quantify data in ways not possible or feasible with intermittent sampling. 

  • Use animals sequentially as their own control
  • Detect subtle changes that would otherwise be missed
  • Opportunity for quantification of new and improved biomarkers such as glucose homeostasis, glycemic variability, rate of change to a stimulus, time to an event, time within a range, and more.

Cost Savings

The combination of reduced handling, fewer blood draws, and smaller sample sizes leads to significant savings in labor, consumables, assays, husbandry, test compound, and more.  The reduction in labor allows for application of labor elsewhere helping you to get more done with the same resources.

Learn How Continuous Glucose Telemetry Will Improve Your Research

The value of Continuous Glucose Telemetry  is significant but varies based upon both why and how you perform your research.  DSI would be happy to discuss your application and follow up with a summary of potential benefits.  Please request a personal evaluation to initiate that activity.  Alternately if you would like to initiate contact with our sales organization please use the contact DSI form.

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2 Kramer K, Kinter LB. Evaluation and applications of radiotelemetry in small laboratory animals. Physiological Genomics 2003;13(3):197–205. doi:10.1152/physiolgenomics.00164.2002



The Value of Continuous Glucose Telemetry