HO 1chamber


Conscious, restrained plethysmography
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Halcyon WBP - Rat

Whole Body

Conscious, unrestrained plethysmography
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NAM mouse chamber_LR

Double Chamber

Non-invasive airway mechanics, restrained
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RC Mouse System

Resistance & Compliance

Anesthetized, direct measurements
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Pulmonary Function Test

Anesthetized, lung function, maneuvers
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From the most basic to the most comprehensive respiratory endpoints, FinePointe is the only respiratory software you'll need.

Buxco Respiratory Products

With so much to consider when reviewing a respiratory system investment, the process can feel overwhelming. Knowing you’ll get reliable, repeatable study results is likely at the top of your list. Whether you’re new to pulmonary research or have many years of experience, rest assured our line of Buxco® respiratory products support your goal of contributing to great science. We do this by: 

  • Using proven technology so you can understand and explain your results 
  • Designing solutions that are simple to use, yet reliable
  • Providing a single software platform for all respiratory applications - supporting your future research needs
  • Offering you more value for the money than competing solutions
  • In-field expertise to address concerns immediately