Buxco® FinePointe Resistance and Compliance

4 Station RCv2
RC is an acronym for Resistance and Compliance.  Resistance and Compliance is the original technique for evaluating lung function.  By measuring lung pressure and airway airflow, lung function can be likened to a balloon with a tube through which air can enter and exit the balloon.  Using this analogy, the single compartment lung model can be solved with related air flow and air volume to pressure across the lung.   DSI’s Buxco® FinePointe Series Resistance and Compliance (RC) sites provide the hardware necessary to collect invasive resistance, dynamic compliance, and elastance data in anesthetized animals.  This system is adaptable to different measurement models that include options for evaluating spontaneously breathing, ventilated, aerosol challenged, and IV challenged animals.   Airway measurements can be relative to atmospheric pressure or esophageal pressure, the later allowing for transpulmonary pressure changes to be measured.

Key Features

  • Species:  Mouse, Rat, Guinea Pig
  • Continuously measure lung resistance and dynamic compliance in anesthetized animals
  • In-line aerosol delivery and control
  • Built-in console enables control from the site location
  • Supports intubated animals for longitudinal studies
  • Single USB connection to computer
  • Live display and monitoring of the signals and derived data
  • Software supports up to 8 simultaneous subjects
  • Optional static compliance measurement available
  • Optional heart rate or blood pressure monitoring


Key Benefits 

  • Auto diagnostics – microprocessor controlled system check ensures accurate data
  • Smart Integration – bidirectional communication ensures scientific reproducibility
  • Auto Calibration – reduces user error and provides consistent, fast calibration
  • Nebulizer calibration – overcomes variability in nebulizer efficiency rates
  • Heated Bed – supports longer data collection periods with improved data quality
  • Intelligent Ventilator - supports protocol-driven deep inflations, breath holds and PEEP
  • Finepointe Software –integrated study design and subsequent automated reporting
FPRC screenshot
RC Mouse System

Mouse Resistance and Compliance

Mouse RC system

Rat/Guinea Pig Resistance and Compliance

Rat RC system

RC Derived Parameters

  • View List of RC Derived Parameters

A variety of accessories and supplies are available for all Buxco respiratory products to improve system flexibility and maintain proper system performance.  The most commonly requested accessory is the Chamber Maintenance Kit which includes replacement o-ring seals and plethysmograph screens.


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