iPRECIO: Infusion That Fits Your Research

All infusible compounds are not created equal, so why should your infusion methods be? There are lots of available laboratory infusion tools for acute studies, static infusion rates, or tethered infusions, but when you need variable, non-tethered, chronic infusion, perhaps you’ve felt that the options are not so obvious.

We understand that sometimes your research requires infusion tools that can adapt to your study designs. The iPRECIO® Micro Infusion Pump from Primetech Corporation is the world’s first implantable, programmable, refillable infusion pump for mice and other small animals. Combined with top-class support from DSI, with the iPRECIO® Micro Infusion Pump, you have accurate, flexible, chronic infusion delivered just the way you need it.

Available models include iPRECIO® SMP-200 for small animals and iPRECIO® SMP-310R for mice.

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter infusion. Request more information on this product or contact DSI Client Service today.

iPRECIO Features

  • iPRECIO® is Implantable

  • iPRECIO® is Programmable

  • iPRECIO® is Refillable

As your research evolves, your tools should evolve with you. Don't let your tools be an unnecessary barrier keeping you from pushing the boundaries of your study designs. Get accurate, implantable infusion delivered exactly the way you need it with the iPRECIO micro infusion pump.  

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