DSI Inhalation and Exposure Systems

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Inhalation Tower

The DSI Buxco inhalation exposure system is easy to use for researchers who are new to inhalation exposure studies, while providing the performance and flexibility required by the experts. Unique to DSI’s solution is the ability to perform accurate real-time respiration monitoring during exposure using FinePointe software—critical for animal welfare and determining accurate deposition levels. Learn more.
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Single Subject Exposure

DSI’s Buxco Single Site Exposure Station is a single port nose-only exposure device.
Single Subject Exposure Station

Mass Dosing Chambers

DSI’s Buxco Mass Dosing Chambers are used to expose multiple subjects to an aerosol or gas when general dosing can be tolerated.
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Smoke Generator

DSI’s Buxco Smoke Generator is completely automated and requires no on-site operator. Simply load the cigarettes, press “Start,” and the system will run unattended. It captures direct and indirect smoke and delivers it to mass dosing chambers or individual exposure tubes. 
Smoke generator