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The DSI Buxco inhalation exposure system is designed with the ease-of-use desired by researchers new to inhalation exposure, yet providing the performance and flexibility required by the inhalation exposure expert. Unique to DSI is the ability to perform accurate real-time respiration monitoring during exposure, critical for animal welfare and determining accurate deposition levels. With a high degree of port-to-port uniformity, this high efficiency system provides exceptional protocol repeatability, translating into high yield exposure studies. The inhalation tower utilizes an expandable yet compact, “flow-past” design, eliminating rebreathing concerns. The system can be outfitted with a variety of test article delivery devices and instrumentation options for monitoring the towers environment and test article properties.

Buxco Inhalation Tower Key Benefits

  • Flow-past design uses inner and outer cores to eliminate rebreathing reducing C02 levels
  • Flow-past design also improves port-to-port uniformity
  • Species Supported: mice, rats, guinea pigs, and ferrets
  • Stainless steel construction (corrosion resistant, ultra-smooth finish)
  • Scalable: stackable tower design for 1 to 6 levels, up to 42 subjects
  • Easy to disassemble and clean for quick turnaround between experiments

Tower flow-past design
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Inhalation Tower System

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Smart Controller Key Benefits

  • Smart controller can operate with or without software utility
  • Microprocessor manages tower environment - Air Flow, Pressure
  • Push/Pull air flow design can create positive or negative pressure configuration
  • Integrated support for collection of respiratory endpoints
  • Software displays and records multiple tower parameters:
  • Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Humidity, 02/C02, Test Article Concentration

Tower and laptop

Buxco® Allay™ Restraint Exposure Chamber & Plethysmographs

Driven by customer demand Buxco developed the patented Buxco Allay restraint system which secures the animal without compressing the thorax and keeps airways completely unobstructed. This restraint improves animal comfort and respiratory data collection since the animal can breathe more naturally.

Allay Restraint Exposure Chamber Key Benefits

  • Subjects positioned for normal breathing in a non-stressed environment
  • Does not compress thoracic cavity as with typical plunger style chambers
  • Provides consistent placement of nose from subject to subject
  • Restrainer provides better access to subject during exposure 
601-2026-001 with 009689-001 red

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Allay Plethysmograph Key Benefits

  • Accurately measure respiratory parameters during exposure
  • Record minute volume and rate, critical for determining amount of inhaled compound
  • Ensure animal welfare with real-time respiratory monitoring
601-2025-001 with 009689-001

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Tower & Plethysmograph Derived Parameters

  • View the Tower Derived Parameters Table

  • View Plethysmograph Derived Parameters

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The DSI Advantage

  • Over 30 years of experience partnering with researchers to provide proven technologies
  • Global Technical Support – Installation / Training / Application Support
  • Custom solutions available

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Tower Specifications
Number of Levels: 6
Ports per Level: 7
Stainless Steel Construction
Flow-Past Design
 Microprocessor Controlled
Support Species
Guinea Pigs
Available Endpoints
Respiration (of subject)
Tower Pressure
Tower Airflow
Test Article Concentration
Test Article Particle Size