Mass Dosing system

Mass Dosing Chambers

DSI’s Buxco Mass Dosing Chambers are used to expose multiple subjects to an aerosol or gas when general dosing can be tolerated. For precise nose-only exposures, use the Inhalation Tower system.

Use with the Mass Dosing Aerosol Controller to control the nebulizer, or generate your own. A separate bias flow supply may be needed.


• Perforated floor for urine drainage
• Removable lid (no seal, should be used inside a containment hood)
• Two ports for aerosol or gas delivery
• Four Luer ports for bias flow or other use

The Mass Dosing Chamber can hold approximately 15 mice, 6 rats or 2 guinea pigs. The Large Mass Dosing Chamber can hold approximately 25 mice, 10 rats or 4 guinea pigs.