DSI and ADI now offer a seamless data integration between DSI’s PhysioTelTM implantable telemetry platform and ADInstrument's acquisition and analysis software - LabChart.  To use LabChart software with PhysioTel telemetry, you simply need the PhysioTel Connect device enabler and you’ll be ready to address important research questions.

LabChart Software from ADInstruments

  • Simple to use: LabChart is quick to setup and allows you to control hardware settings for recording and includes a range of analysis features designed for intuitive use.
  • Grows with your research: It’s simple to add new signals and measurements from almost any system and record directly into LabChart.
  • Great flexibility: Create your own advanced calculations and macros to customize your analysis, and use a growing range of LabChart-compatible hardware for truly novel research. Combine LabChart with PowerLab to acquire other analog signals into your research as well.
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