LabChart from ADInstruments

Collect and analyze DSI PhysioTel™ and PhysioTel HD telemetry signals via LabChart software from ADInstruments. 

LabChart from ADInstruments is the ideal solution for studies requiring eight animals or fewer, with study durations up to 24 hours.

  • Preconfigured settings files for one-touch recordings
  • Smart detection of all ADInstruments peripheral devices
  • Welcome Center for single-click access to all your files, support, and new software features
  • Manual or event-driven sampling
  • Signal specific analysis tools
  • Fully customizable stimulator control
  • Full layout control – only display what you need to display
  • Easily modify signal detection algorithms
  • Set up hot-key macros for automating repetitive tasks (Windows only).
  • Scripting environment for custom signal analysis (Windows only).

Send and Publish your data

  • Upload your data files to our cloud-based storage and share a link with your peers
  • Embed interactive data files in your website or blog
  • Store 1 GB of data files for free

LabChart Feature List

  • Analysis Manager

  • Arithmetic

  • Blood Pressure Analysis

  • Cardiac Output

  • Channel Settings

  • Comments

  • Cyclic Measurements

  • Data Pad

  • Data Plots

  • Device Discovery & Devices and Channels

  • Dose Response

  • DVM

  • ECG Analysis

  • Event Manager

  • Feature Manager

  • Guidelines

  • HRV Analysis

  • Layout

  • Macros

  • Metabolic

  • Multipoint Calibration

  • Peak Analysis

  • Playback File

  • PV Loop

  • Scope View

  • Spectrum

  • Spike Histogram

  • Spirometry

  • Split Screen

  • Stimulator

  • Units Conversion

  • Video Capture

  • Zoom View