Data Insights: Unlock the Information in Your Data

Arrhythmia detection. Simplified.

Automated arrhythmia detection saves time and money. With Data Insights, customize your search to locate arrhythmias, then classify and report your discoveries. Let your research goals determine the depth of your investigation.

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 Ventricular beats  Runs of complexes  Durations
 Atrial beats  Couplets  Occurrences
 Junctional beats  Triplets  Cycles per occurrence
 Atrioventricular (AV) block  Bigeminy  Distribution
 Sinus pause  Trigeminy  
   Premature beats  

Your expertise. Focused.

Don't waste time over-reading waveforms. Let Data Insights find the data that deserve more review.

• Quickly locate data sections with morphology variations so you can adjust settings and reanalyze
• Visualize signal noise to confidently eliminate artifact
• Identify complexes to use with ECG PRO template libraries
• Correlate physiologic interactions between waveform types (channels) (e.g.: Identify when heart rate   increases as systolic blood pressure decreases.)


Applying Data Insights to your research

• Select the most appropriate subjects by screening prior to study
• Create individual subject arrhythmia signatures to discern treatment effects
• Develop and characterize disease models
• Use more of the data you collect
• Efficiently perform waveform marking validation


Better Data. Better Science.

Stop throwing away data for the sake of a deadline. Data insights was designed to optimize your data analysis process. Interactive tools give you multi-faceted views of your data so you can stay engaged in the decision-making process every step of the way. The Data Insights results screen includes the following:

Data insights screenshot website

Data Insights results view

  • Search criteria

  • Graphic results

  • Numeric results

  • Distribution histogram

Demonstration Video

The Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods recently published a paper highlighting a new method for identifying preclinical data patterns of interest (including arrhythmias). 

Download it for free now!

"Data Insights has provided a major advancement for the ability to identify and quantify arrhythmias in large animal telemetry studies. Using this technology I was able to efficiently analyze 24-hour telemetry datasets in a 40 animal study in a time- and cost-effective manner."

-Sr. Research Investigator, Biopharma company