Ponemah v6.x

Powerful data collection and analysis for preclinical studies

Latest Version: Ponemah v6.50

Latest Enhancements

Analysis Module Support and Added Capabilities
  • Signal Interface support for analog and digital signal acquisition and synchronization
  • Pulmonary Volume and Pulmonary Airflow & Airway Resistance analysis support
  • Continuous, simultaneous data collection from up to 256 channels and up to 32 groups
  • Data export capability to EDF file format
  • PhysioTel Digital L11R implant support

Easy Experiment Management

Software setup should be simple, yet flexible. Ponemah software streamlines experiment management so you can easily acquire and analyze data.

  • Save time with intuitive user interface and automated subject setup 
  • Simplify data management with automated file handling
  • Review previous days’ results during acquisition to observe mid-experiment data
  • Visualize sampling configuration and protocols with tabbed sampling layout
  • Use scheduled sampling function to collect periodic data from more subjects at user-defined intervals
Scheduled sampling helps you manage group sizes, duration, and interval when you sample from multiple implants.

Robust Connectivity with 3rd Party Solutions

Designed to interact with 3rd party applications to support whatever direction your research takes you.

  • Acquire high quality video recordings in Ponemah's integrated solution with Noldus Media Recorder and synchronize with physiologic signals for better interpretation of your data
  • Import and analyze CNS data - EEG and EMG data with video recordings - in NeuroScore Data Analysis Software 
  • Allow 3rd party applications to view Ponemah derived parameter data with Remote Connection

Flexible Data Analysis

Ponemah software offers customized physiologic signal analysis for greater accuracy and confidence in your results.

  • Analyze data using time-based averages or on a beat-by-beat basis
  • Immediate results with real-time parameter calculations and trend graph generation
  • Complete control of data analysis with adjustable settings to analyze signals from various species and unique morphologies
  • Automatic export of calculated data to MS Excel® to view and analyze results across multiple days of acquisition

Smart, Powerful Tools

Every study is unique. Ponemah can be tailored to your study-specific needs to effectively refine and present your results.

  • Refine data analysis post-acquisition to change how parameters are measured or eliminate signal noise from results
  • Use multiple graph and reporting presentations to view, sort and sync calculated parameters
  • Select data sections to view and report using Data Reduction and Data Parser rules.
  • Receive automated email or text alerts for subject- and system-level conditions

Flexible Licensing Options

Both permanent and subscription-based licensing options are available for Ponemah to offer you greater flexibility in your use of your system.
  • 3, 6, and 12 month subscription or full purchase options
  • Available for acquisition and post-analysis systems, plus analysis modules
  • Ideal for trials and short-term studies


Available Analysis Modules

  • Blood Pressure
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Left Ventricular Pressure
  • Blood Pressure Respiration
  • Electromyogram
  • Electroencephalogram
  • Pulmonary Volume
  • Pulmonary Airflow & Airway Resistance
  • Glucose

Optional Add-On Modules

  • Data Insights
  • Video (4-channel and 8-channel)
  • Remote Notification
  • Remote Connection
  • EDF File Writer


  • Support for Windows 10 (64 bit version)
  • Support for Microsoft Office 2007 or later (64 bit version)
Data Parser_Data Reduction
Data parser rules applied to a blood pressure data set. The six rules listed in the example above were used to calculate Data Reduction tables (right) for reporting.