Ponemah-Noldus Media Recorder

Integrating two technologies for your video solution.

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DSI has partnered with Noldus Information Technology, the leading solution provider for human and animal behavioral research for 25 years, to offer scientists a better video experience.

By integrating the Noldus Media Recorder and DSI’s Ponemah Physiology Platform, scientists now
have an easy method for synchronizing physiologic data with video data.


  • Synchronize up to eight video cameras with physiologic signals for better interpretation of your data.

  • Acquire high-quality video recordings in synchrony with Ponemah, or independently.

  • Compatible with various camera types and brands.

Data Synchronization
The key to synchronization is integration. The Media Recorder enables synchronous video recordings from up to eight different video sources. When integrated with Ponemah, you can command the Media Recorder to save and sync video data with the physiologic data recorded from DSI implantable telemetry or hardwired solutions and manage all your data with one application. This combined solution provides greater insights into the physiologic data to better understand your results.

The ability to associate video with physiologic endpoints is critical in research applications such as sleep and seizure. Video-EEG is a holistic approach which allows confirmation of behavioral changes. Association of other endpoints, including cardiovascular and respiratory, can also be beneficial in analyzing artifacts within the data.

DSI System with video

Stand-alone Option
Media Recorder may also be used as a stand-alone application should you want to record, combine, and file your video recordings between physiologic data collections. When recorded in this fashion, video files can be played back using Windows Media Player, providing maximum versatility. 


Compatible with Ponemah v5.20 (SP5+), Ponemah v5.30, and Ponemah v6.40 and a broad range of cameras; it is the ideal recording tool. 

This integrated solution supports IP and analog cameras. As a stand-alone application, the Media 
Recorder can record from FireWire cameras, USB cameras (web cameras), analog cameras, IP cameras, etc.