Contract Research Services
Preclinical contract services for basic and discovery in vivo research studies

Improve research outcomes by partnering with DSI to execute preclinical studies with implantable telemetry. The experienced services team alleviates space, time, training, technology and labor challenges associated with successful study execution.

As a leading provider of telemetry systems, DSI provides comprehensive knowledge and experience in broad therapeutic areas.  Studies are executed using a variety of telemetry options for continuous data collection. We excel in non-GLP studies performed to acquire and evaluate physiologic parameters:

  • Pressures: arterial, left ventricular
  • Biopotentials: ECG, EMG, EEG
  • Blood glucose
  • Temperature
  • Activity

With a collaborative approach the services team gains a deep understanding of research goals and ensures clear communication and direct line of access throughout the study. Offering device, surgical and data analysis experience we can help improve telemetry study outcomes.

Contact us today to discuss your research goals.