Unique Telemetry Applications

Whatever your telemetry research may be, DSI probably has a product to assist you in researching it. Our Unique DSI Device Applications section provides information about the more unique applications of DSI products from telemetry in pregnant goats and fish to gastrointestinal telemetry in the pig.

Telemetry Research in Pregnant Goats
The Heart of Fish Research 

Why Gastrointestinal Telemetry in the Pig?
Telemetry Research in Small Hibernators 

Chronic Pleural Pressure 

Uncovering the Secrets of the Naked Mole-Rat 

Telemetry as a tool for developing new rat models 

Telemetry Aids Development of New Models for Hemodynamic Evaluation

Implantable Telemetry Advances Glaucoma Research

Screening New Drugs for Urogenital Disease  

Intracavernous Pressure Change During Penile Erection in the Rat