The combined evaluation of physiology and behavior allows for a complete and comprehensive preclinical assessment. A collaboration between DSI and Noldus made possible a state-of-the-art solution integrating video tracking and telemetric physiologic monitoring. The combined solution enables simultaneous assessment of animal behavior and physiologic analysis in freely moving small animals. Investigating the relationship between physiological and behavioral data can lead to a better understanding of your research results through interactions or responses illustrated by synchronized data.

Noldus Solutions 

EthoVision XT is an advanced video tracking system, used by researchers and scientist worldwide for different types of behavioral studies, such as locomotor activity tests in an open field wand water maze test. Now GLP compliant environments can also benefit from its outstanding technology.
  • One versatile software platform to automate tests in a wide range of set-ups: from lab animals in mazes to farm animals in stables.
  • Video tracking technology encompasses state-of-the-art detection methods.
  • Subject to continuous research and development by a team of programmers and testers for over fifteen years. 

The Observer XT is the professional and user-friendly event logging software for the collection, analysis, and presentation of observational data.
  • Code and describe behavior in an accurate and quantitative way.
  • Integrate video and physiology in behavioral studies.
  • Calculate statistics, assess reliability, and create transition matrices.
  • Combine continuous sampling with time sampling.
  • Code on-the-go using a handheld with Pocket Observer. 

PhenoTyper is an instrumented cage to measure and test the behavior of laboratory rodents. It is available in a home cage and a basic cage configuration.
  • Full integration of the test environment and video equipment.
  • Conduct your experiment independent of light conditions in your lab.
  • Standardize your tests.
  • Extendable with different add-ons.
  • Compatible with EthoVision XT and The Observer XT.
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